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Pleasant Valley Remanufacturing Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brink Forest Products Ltd and is situated in the beautiful community of Houston, BC. The block processing plant and remanufacturing line are located on Morice River road adjacent to the major sawmills of the region.

John Brink is proof that persistence pays off. Brink Forest Products, a pioneer in the production of finger-jointing lumber products, which involves turning low-quality lumber and trim blocks into high quality boards by gluing them together with strong finger-joints, has finally a presence in Houston after purchasing Pleasant Valley Reman (PVR) plant from LeggettWood this past November.

Owner and founder of Brink Forest Products John Brink, who started the company in 1975, said that he felt the match would be a good one, and admits that he has been attempting to gain a presence in Houston for years. One of the main reasons we wanted to come here was because of the highly trained work force at Pleasant Valley Remanufacturing.


The skilled employees at PVR remanufacture imperfect lumber from other sawmills, creating new products that meet exacting quality and performance standards such as block processing,basic remanufacturing, dunnage and strips. The processes used at PVR were pioneered here, and are specifically designed for species grown in this region.

Pleasant Valley Remanufacturing sees a new future for the forest industry where primary and secondary manufacturers work in partnership to extract more value from every tree.

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Remanufacturing lumber refers to processing and cutting previously milled lumber, including lumber cut for industrial or wood-packaging use, creating dimensions that are not usually processed at a primary sawmill. including resawing to split lumber into thinner boards.

Secondary manufacturing enhances the sustainability of the forest sector by creating more prosperity with a gentler environmental footprint and less waste. Everyone wins – industry, communities, and workers – and so does the environment.

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Our quality control team monitors product quality on an hourly basis and all product is approved, certified, and monitored by Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency aka MacDonald Inspection Services. We take great pride in our engineered and remanfactured wood products and understand that working diligently gets you the best selection and quality at competitive pricing.

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