Before Brink Forest Products purchased the Pleasant Valley Remanufacturing plant, the plant was owned by American company LeggettWood but according to Brink, the fact that a Canadian company now owns PVR is a very important step towards reclaiming the Canadian economy. Its an interesting observation but most of the end and finished products prior to us buying the plant were destined to the US. Now, the end product stays in northern British Columbia.

He said the company intends to stay in Houston long-term. There are several opportunities to expand in the area, we intend to stay and grow. Brink said he believes Houston offers a unique location, as it has interesting potential access to timber, Prince Rupert, rail and road access. I have great confidence in Houston and northern British Columbia. Brink said that in the next year, the company intends to see what modifications need to be made to the current facility and go from there. Yes we plan to expand. We will be watching closely around the market access to the US. Timing is the critical part here. Brink is excited to be part of the Houston business community, and said that he and the company intent to be an active part of the community in the years to come.